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Welcome to Taibon Trucking

There is a difference in logistics solutions and providers. We urge you to look closely at how 3PLs deliver their services – not just at the outset, but year-over-year – and not just in one location, but nationwide. When you understand what bright distribution solutions look like, you will want to know more about Taibon Trucking.

Taibon Trucking improves your business performance. It’s that simple.

About us

What matters to you most? Is it that we get your product from A to B? That we deliver it on time? In perfect condition? Or that it’s always with a smile? At Taibon Trucking, it’s our absolute mission to do all of these things (not just one or two). We are redefining the meaning of excellence and bringing bright distribution solutions to the logistics industry. In practice, this means that we’re totally uncompromising when it comes to service. We’re about solutions not problems. We’re driven but still family-run so that our heartfelt values are ones that we all live by. We also see ourselves as an extension of your business, not just suppliers. So, we do whatever it takes to deliver. Anything short of that and we’re not doing our job. At Taibon, it’s always about how we can, not why we can’t.

Some of our Credentials

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Supply Chain Solutions

At Taibon Trucking we act as a third party logistics provider and combine our own resources and world class technology, together with the services of sub-contracted suppliers to facilitate a comprehensive supply chain service. We believe there is no one-size-fits-all solution to distribution requirements and our flexible approach to adapting our infrastructure ensures that we are able to accommodate differing client needs.

Whether you manage your logistics in-house or use the services of a 3PL, you should assess if you are having trouble balancing costs, workflows and time? Handling your own logistics or partnering with sub-standard contractors can be a headache. Our complete distribution package ensures you get your time and people back plus the confidence of knowing that everything is under control, costs included.

When was the last time you asked yourself how your business would be, if you had a partner providing you with transformational logistics solutions that created real advantage and differentiation?

Courier Services
Our Awesome Skills

Full Truck Loads
Express and Courier Deliveries
Less Than Truckloads

Technology is the way of the future, right? That’s why at Taibon we’ve partnered with a recognised Global Top 100 IT Supply Chain Provider - Cloud Logistics in the United States to bring you a world class transport management platform. Our TMS technology is a great transformation enabler. It’s revolutionising the traditional supply chain and changing the way we do business for the better.

Driver Tablets and Mobile App

Our tech savvy drivers are given a 7’’ tablet device which is used to update and communicate on deliveries in real time as well as to capture POD signatures at collection and delivery. Our POD process is entirely paperless and can be immediately viewed on our system once deliveries have been completed.

Customer Interface Portal

Customers have access to the customer portal which allows you to create custom dashboards as well as track individual loads and activity. The system is built to facilitate real time communication through a messaging platform so that you can have direct, immediate access to Taibon Trucking’s Operations Team. In addition customers will be able to access POD’s, corresponding documentation and invoices relating to a delivery.

Shipment Tracking

Our TMS system was developed to address the lack of visibility you have across the entire distribution process. For this reason customers can track the shipment of goods in real-time on the customer portal from beginning to end.

Navigation System

All our vehicles are equipped with a TomTom navigation device that is updated with a real-time traffic feed. Our drivers on delivery get prompted on major traffic delays and are then directed to take an alternate route in order to get your goods there on time.

Reporting and Analytics

We provide customised business intelligence reporting for our customers based on individual needs and our Operations Team can develop periodic reporting that fits your requirements.

Carrier portal

We are in constant communication with our sub-contracted carriers. Our TMS system enables our carriers to provide delivery status updates in real time to our Operations Team via the carrier portal and mobile app.

Taibon Trucking improves your business performance.
It’s that simple.

Our Delivery Heroes

We are powered by people who really care and go that extra mile. Our people, live and breathe our company values of Passion, Respect, Integrity and Delivery Excellence. At Taibon Trucking our people are DELIVERY HEROES and it is our mission is to get your goods there on time and in perfect condition.

Yusuf Hoosen
Yusuf Hoosen
Managing Director

Yusuf is responsible for the overall day-to-day and strategic management of the company. His focus has been on implementing modern business principles and practices in order to differentiate Taibon in the logistics industry. He is also an absolute stickler for quality. And it shows in our service. Yusuf joins us from the investment banking industry and holds a Bachelor of Accounting (Hons) degree from the University of Johannesburg. He is also currently advancing his knowledge in supply chain and is studying towards the Certified Supply Chain Professional (CSCP) qualification with APICS.

Mahomed Hoosen
Mahomed Hoosen
Operations Director

Mahomed is the founder of Taibon Trucking and is at the heart of our company’s story. He is incredibly passionate about the transport industry and has developed a broad range of operational knowledge over the 40 years he has been in the industry. Mahomed knows the business inside out, and is responsible for creating the delivery excellence culture that we have become known for.

Our Fleet

After our amazing drivers, it’s our vehicles we pride ourselves on. We continually invest in our fleet to ensure we have a mixed and varied pool of vehicles. Our current fleet has a carrying capacity of 3 - 8 tons per vehicle load. In cases where bigger vehicles are required we enlist the services of our sub-contracted suppliers.


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